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my chances in obtaining EB1A

My credentials are in the following:

  1. MS and PhD from USA
  2. Have 4 first author and 2 second author publications in top journals in my field; 2 more to come
  3. Have collaborations internationally
  4. Reviewed 5 articles in top journals
  5. presented in conferences (in USA and abroad) 15 times
  6. 3+ years of postdoctoral experience in a top school and as a federal contractor at NOAA/NASA
  7. Since all my publications are recent (2014 on wards) and the size of the community is small, so far I have only 9 citations (these citations are from different countries). (This worries me)
  8. Teaching experience in… Continue reading

EB1A Approval Chances

I am a postdoc at XXX University. I have 10 publications with 125 citations. I have reviewed 8 research papers from 4 different journals. I have done my PhD in Cancer Research from Germany. Masters from Scotland and postmasters I have worked for University of Manchester, UK for 2 years. During my research in UK, I worked on a drug which is now in clinics for the treatment of patients. On the drugs website, my publication on the same is mentioned. I am getting 6 recommendation letters from USA from chair and departmental heads. Also 3 letters from Germany and… Continue reading

EB1a Chances

Can you please comment on my chances of success for an EB1A Application?

  1. Master’s in Petroleum and GeoSystems Engineering from a top university
  2. 10 publications with 140+ citations, 5 invited talks at international conferences
  3. 20+ reviews across 5 peer-reviewed high-impact journals
  4. Several internal awards and couple of nationally recognized awards from professional societies in my areas of expertise
  5. References from CEOs and technical managers from clients and some for academia
  6. Probably 25% more compensation relative to peers and DOL wage numbers