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Request for pointers to approach Green Card Application

Hi guys,

First of all I would like to thank you for your community based effort to address questions for Green Card Application. Big thumbs up.

Below, I have stated my wife and my background, followed by questions.

Here is my background

- M.S, PhD in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech ( Department ranked in top 6 every year)

- 8 Research papers(4 with first author) in well recognized IEEE conference and Journals with about 16 citations 

- Presented 3 posters and 1 invited talk  in top conferences

- Presently employed at Qualcomm with 2 years of work experience in… Continue reading

EB1A RFE response and chances of approval

Hi, I am a research scholar. I filed my EB1A petition (I140) through premium processing. I received RFE where it says two of the evidences met the criterion’s plain language. But for the 3rd one, they asked for additional evidences. The 3rd criterion is “my original contributions of major significance”. My initial application provided letters from pioneers in my research field where they clearly stated my research work and how it is influencing. However, they want more evidences. I am trying to collect all emails that I received from others asking for copy of my published materials, and new letters.… Continue reading

Profile review for EB1


MY name is Nishant and I am a final year Ph.D student. I am willing to apply for   EB1A green card and would be really appreciative if you can review my profile.

1) Number of Publications – 7 Research Articles, 3 review articles, 3 Book Chapters

2) Number of Citations – around 130-140

3) Reviewer for a journal “Pharmaceutical Biology”

4) Can Get references from Researchers in my Field

5) Presented Research work at international conferences

Please let me know if I should give it a shot or wait it out and build my profile further. I… Continue reading