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I have a PhD in chemical engineering and I worked as a postdoc in a national lab for 2 years. I had to move to a different city and currently I am looking for a job. Can I start the green crad processing now or do I need to have an employment to start the self petition process? 

I have 11 publications out of which I am a first author for 3 publications and for the rest, I am second and third author. I have 3 more publications which are in review process( 1 first author and 2 third author). I havve… Continue reading



I have a PhD in medical statistics and MBA from UK. I have 2 articles published (both, not first author, given that I work in applied statistics, this is very common), but nearly 100 citations over the past 8 years.  

Worked as a researcher for over 3 years (1 year 7 months for a university as Research Fellow and 2 years in an industry) in UK on applied statistics. Currently in US on L1A visa. Working with Rutgers as a research associate and can get very good recommendations from them.

What is the likelihood of getting EB1A approved?