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Chances of EB-1

Can someone please guide me about my chances for EB1-A? The following is my profile:

  1. Bachelors in Biotech from India
  2. Masters in Biotechnology from Scotland
  3. PhD in Cancer Biology from Germany.
  4. 2 years of postdoc experience in USA.
  5. 7 Publications in top journals
  6. 4 conference
  7. 4 conference poster presentations
  8. Total citations 112
  9. Reviewed 4 journal articles
  10. Judged posters of Masters and Bachelors students


Thanks in advance!!!

Am I eligible to apply for EB1A


Thank you very much for the information you have provided in the website. Is a PhD candidate with prestigious postdoc fellowships (Alexander von Humboldt & Marie Curie) and around 25 publications eligible to apply for the EB1A category.

Thank you





I-140 Priority date not maintained from previous EB2 filing

I just noticed that Priority date on I-140 approval notice is based on this petition filing but didn’t retain my priority date from previous approved I-140 under EB2

When I filed for I-140 under EB1A, I mentioned in the form that previously PR was filed and I have approved I-140 under that and submitetd copy of approved I-140.

HOW can I get Priority date corrected?