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How important is review work and citations


I have 5 publications and about >10 conference presentations/proceedings. In addition I have awards and fellowship from a National Lab. But I only have about 10 citations since my papers are all recently published and I have not done any review work for journals, but I have been a judge at an international conference.

In your opinion do I have enough for EB1A? All the posts here seem to be focused on review work and citations and I was wondering how important that aspect is in the application. Additionally, I am confident I would be able to get 6-8… Continue reading

EB1 EA for an entrepreneur with a PhD

Thanks for providing detailed help on these website. I have two questions. First, let me give some background as mine is slightly different.

I finished my PhD in Computer Engineering from a top 10 school in the US and towards the end of my PhD started a company that commercializes my dissertation research. As part of the startup, I wrote a research proposal  as sole principal investigator that won a SBIR Phase I grant from NSF of $150K. I also raised other funding from state government and private sources of another $200K.  Can the NSF grant be considered as a nationally… Continue reading

EB1A eligibility?


Your experiences definitely provides a lot of encouragement. I wanted to know if my following profile might be eligible for EB1A for self petition-

- US PhD graduate, Postdoc at reputed university (6months),  4 publications, 17 citations, 4 manuscript reviews for 2 international journals, national fellowship grant during PhD,  5 oral presentation invitations in international conferences during PhD, numerous best presentation and abstract awards, outstanding graduate student award and international MD degree.