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What is the criteria for EB1?


I received my PhD degree from a US university in 2013. After that I started working for a consulting firm. It is not a research job. I have 5 papers from PhD.  Am I eligible for EB1 category? I wanted to know that only postdoc or researchers are eligible for EB1 category.


EB1A petitioned by employer

My I-140 for EB1A application got approved where petitioner was my employer. Currently I am filing I-485. Now if I want to change employer after receiving my EAD card in 2-3 months, is it possible? Do I need to wait for 180 days (AC-21 portability) after filing I-485 to change my employer. 

Where should I send the EB-1 application package

Dear GreenCardforPhD,

Thanks a lot for providing us a lot of valuable informations in here.
I have a question about EB-1, after I prepare all of the forms and evidences, where should I send the EB-1 application package? should I send all of the documents physically and send it to a specific USCIS service center?
Looking forward to hear from you, thank you and have a great day there.