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EB1A Successful RFE Response


I have a Ph.D in robotics and my specialization is consumer robotics (medical robotics). Our company is one of the 4 or 5 companies that develops a medical device that feeds people using robotic technology. I helped the innovators build the prototype while i was pursuing my Ph.D and later joined the company as VP of Technology. I am at the executive level in a start up company that is growing very fast. Last month my attorneys applied for my EB1A providing all evidence and i got an RFE in 4 days. Our product won an national award which… Continue reading

Am i eligible for EB1-A Extraordinary Ability


I have 7 patents (2 are granted) with 93 citations and reference 2 and I have 13 years of experience in Aerospace Displays Product Development. Played key roles in all projects and in the organization.

Am i eligible for EB1-A if i show my salary is high as per my geological location?

Thanks in advance.


How strong are my credential foe EB1A

I have 5 publications with 3 first author and my work is cited 47 times . I have reviewed 6 -7 journals. I have been judge for poster session as well in a conference. Do u think i can apply for EB1A category or should I wait to get more citations.