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EB1A petition review


I am a postdoctoral researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and going for self-preparation of my EB1A petition. I have not used your DIY packet but took help from colleagues who have successfully got the GC approved.

I am waiting for just one more letter of support (out of 5 that I am planning) and should be able to prepare a draft petition in next 2-3 weeks. I am just wondering if you would be willing to consider reading my petition, for a fee, and advise if everything looks in place?
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Research Manager


I am doctorate in Mechanical Engg from India,  2 year post doctoral experience in UK, Awarded with International fellowship for my research in UK, 10 years exeprience in fortune 500 oil company in india. 40 technical papers in conference and journal, 1 Text book from USA CRC Press. 

I am Citizen of India. I like to apply Eb1.

Please advise.





1. Is there any restriction on EB1 visa for India?

2. From your experience, what is my success rate my application.