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Am a postdoc at UF in clinical pharmacology, I have completed my PhD from US in Pharmacology and I have 10 publications, 80+ citations and 3 book articles/chapters. Am a editor with couple of new journals without impact factor, I have reviewed 28 manuscripts for 10 different journals. Am on F-1 visa OPT STEM extension (24 month, new) valid till next year November. I will be soon  (Next February) looking for jobs and expect that the company will be providing me a visa (either H1/O1) and probably negotiate to file for EB1B, but many of the companies usually have… Continue reading

Process after EB1A approval

Dear Colleagues,

I have received EB1A approval from USCIS, could any one of you write to me that what are original documents need to submitted to National Visa Centre, USA for Immigrant Visa processing. 

Currently I am living in India.

Look forward your help.

Best regards


What is the criteria for EB1?


I received my PhD degree from a US university in 2013. After that I started working for a consulting firm. It is not a research job. I have 5 papers from PhD.  Am I eligible for EB1 category? I wanted to know that only postdoc or researchers are eligible for EB1 category.