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Applying for the green card under EB1-EA category while working under the OPT STEM extension.


I am  applying for the green card under EB1-EA category and I am working under the OPT STEM extension. I heard from someone that In case if I apply for both i140/i485 concurrently, if i140 denied the i485 also gets denied, subsequently my OPT status will get cancelled. Is it really true that my OPT status will get effected if the i140 or i485 gets denied.
I have OPT until April-2015.
Please advice,
There is a risk here. But not exactly what you were told. If your I-140 and 485 get denied,… Continue reading

NIW for educators


 I recently graduated with a PhD in math an US university. I am currently on STEM-OPT which is about to expire. 

As most people in your website I am thinking about self-petitioning without an employer or the help of a lawyer. 

My goal is to present myself as a top educator since not only I have outstanding evaluations from my students but I have also been awarded an education award for exceptional teaching skills. The problem is that I only have one publication (my dissertation) and I don’t know many people other than my professional circle who can… Continue reading

I am a PhD in H4 status and would like to apply in EB1A


I have recently completed PhD in Physics from university of Exeter, UK. I have joined my husband who lives in bay area and I currently hold an H4 visa. Although there are lot of job opportunities but I am not eligible to work due to my work status.

During my PhD, I have worked on optical study of Ge2Sb2Te5 material using a modelocked lasers. My paper got accepted in Nature Scientific Reports and my work was able to make two INVITED talks in Material research Conference (MRS) along with several other contributions to Physics society. I have also… Continue reading