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EB1A for Unemployed Ph.D graduate


I am a Ph.D graduate in pharmacology (2007) from US university. Did postdoctoral fellowship in cancer Biology. Had to quit in 2008 due to H1b issue. Then I volunteered in hospital pharmacy and gave exams and became Licensed Pharmacist. As a researcher I have 3 publications, 70 citations, 4 grants, awards at conference presentations and 15 conference presentations. I have been unemployed for 5 years. I want to know if I will be eligible for EB1A. Want to try self petition. 

Will my profile be eligible for EB1 category

Hi There,

I am a PhD from University of Georgia and currently a postdoc at UCLA . I have 14 publications, and 215 citations. I have am a reviewer for stroke association, and have reviwed papers in PLOSone and Frontiers. I have more than 40 presentations so far. I can possibly get 8 or more references. Please suggest if I may be eligible for EB1 category of filing the green card?


EB1A for a PhD student


I am a PhD student in NY with a MS degree from US (total 7+ years in US at this time). I am graduating in May 2015 and want to get my Green Card before that. I am an Indian citizen on F1 visa which is valid for another 3 years. Also have all my OPT time remaining (29 months). 

I have two questions:

1. I have 10 first author papers and another 10 co-author papers all in peer-reviewed well reputed journals. I have reviewed papers for 4-5 reputed journals too. I have close to 70 citations as per Google… Continue reading