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PhD candidate

Hi, I am currently a PhD candidate in chemistry from a recognized US university and planning to graduate in next fall. I am planning to join postdoc next in F1-OPT status. So far, I have 20 publications (8 first authors, all of them impact factor>8 ), 3 book chapters and around 150 citation. I also got 6 awards (best poster, best talk and travel award) in international and national conference. I did not get any chance of revewing papers, however planning to do so.

My question is: what is the best option for me? EB1A or NIW? and when is… Continue reading


Please I would like to know if I am elegible to try GC for extraordinary ability permanent visa in USA.
2. Major Prizes Awarded to Aluney Elferr De Albuquerque Silva in his Field of Endeavor
a. Legislative Power in Honor of the Merits of Aluney Elferr De Albuquerque Silva issued by the Legislative Assembly of the Amazonas State recognizing his outstanding contribution to the fight against abusive and illegal uses of drugs issued in Manaus, Brazil, on June 24, 2008 with English translation
b. The Medal of “Great Merit” awarded to Aluney Elferr De Albuquerque Silva