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Eligibility for EB1A green card application


I am VIjay,

I am planning to file my I140 in EB1A category. Following are my credentials:

PhD in (Microbiology) from India

Published 2 first author articles and 2 co author publications ; citations 223 total; Got one travel award to attend the ASM conference in USA

PostDoc: 1st from Baylor College of Medicine

Research : Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Melanoma 

papers published:   Mole Endocrinology (First author) 2015 , Oncogene(2nd Author) 2015

                                    2 Cancer Research (2012, 2014) co author, 82 (… Continue reading

When is the best time to apply?

Hi guys,
I am a F1 student and I almost finished my second year of PhD degree. I got my master outside of the US. I have 5 publications with total citations of 40. I am working on an in-progress research that meet all the requirements of national interest. I am not sure when to apply for EB2-NIW or EB1A. Does it make sense if I apply in the third year of my PhD degree or I have to wait until I’m graduated?

Postdoc applying in EB1A or EB1-OR

Hi, I am currently holding a project scientist position (3 yr post PhD) in a reputed university in United states. I am on J-1 visa right now and eligible for 2yr rule. I will be getting my waiver soon. My university will only file a petition for EB1- for outstanding researcher only if I waive my visa to H-1B. I am not sure if thats currently possible. Therefore, I was considering to file a self petition under EB1-EA. Can I still file under J-1?  Which one do you think is better EB1- Outstanding researcher or EB1-EA? Please take a look… Continue reading