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EB1 Petition approval

I wanted to express my gratitude for EB1A DIY guide.

I filed my EB1A petition on Jan 25th and then on Feb 16, I filed for premium processing for this I-140.

Today (March 8th) I got approval notice for my petition.

To tell you briefly about my credentials: I have PhD in Mechanical Engineering with research work in Biomechanical Engineering working on Pedestrian Safety.

I published only 6 papers so far and have 12 citations. I reviewed about 6 technical papers for 2 journals. I got 8 strong recommendation letters. I used the approach of competency in dual field of Vehicle Crash Safety and Optimization. I had scholarship for continuous 3 years from University for research work while working full time on industry job and showed high salary in the field with multiple job offers. BTW, I did mention in the petition that this field of Pedestrain safety is new and it is hard to get papers published quickly in this field. In one of the recommendation letters also one person mentioned this point. 

Again thanks a lot for this DIY guide.

Vishal Gupta

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  • Singh P. says:

    I am planing to file a EB1 GC, what is the filing fees and other requirements for this process? I was on J1 visa and have filed for H1B. I am a PhD with 16 publications, 196 Citation, 1 patent filed, 2-3 small research grants and 3-4 national and international awards. I am editor for 1 journal and reviewer for 4-5 journals.
    Many Thanks

    • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:


      Currently, the filing fee for I-140 is $700 + $1225 Premium Processing (optional). The filing fee for I-485 is $1140 + biometrics $85 + medical test payments depending on the medical history. For the eligibility requirements see the link. The credentials you provided don’t contain enough information to say if you are eligible, but, for example, if you are the first author in several of the publications and you published in high-impact journals, then you have a good chance of compiling a strong case.

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Congratulations and thank you for the summary!
    It is always a joy to see that the DIY packets help people in achieving their goals.

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