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Student planning to self-petition for a green card


I am an Indian.
I am a Ph.D student in Electrical Engineering from an US University. 
I have Masters degree and worked as a Research Assistant for a Department of Defense project with two conference papers (co-author) in the field of THz electronics.(very advanced).
In Ph.D I am working on projects related to Electronic Warfare for Air Force base. I will graduate with Ph.D degree after 15 months from now.
Goal / I need: A green card to work for US Air Force / Multinational companies that require permanent residency.
My Questions:
1. What are the minimum assets that I have to achieve while doing the Ph.D.? so I can plan accordingly and achieve them now to get a GC later.
2. I know there are different Green cards (EB1 or EB2/NIW). What difference does it make while applying for jobs. As I said I have to be able to apply or jobs that says ‘Permanent Residency’ is required. That way, which category I have to apply to receive a GC for sure and within moderate time-period.
3. Is there a way that I can get a GC by the time I graduate, i.e,. 15 months from now? If not, what is the best time for me to start the process.
4. I can get Recommendation Letters from top-notch professors who work for AIR FORCE base, Endowed Chair of sensor Physics , Professors (Journal Editors), Distinguished Professors and so. Approximately around 6 members or more if required.
5. What are the other suggestions you can give me as I am student with lots of confusions all the time.
I thank you in advance for your time. Please, answer my questions and I am looking forward to start/use your resources online after the guidance.
Thanks and Regards,
Your questions are answered below
1. We suggest you look at EB1a and NIW criteria using the links on our webpage. You would want to pick a few criteria and try to work towards building those evidence. Generally good publications in reputed journals and lots of citations will be very helpful. It will also help if you act as a reviewer of journal manuscripts. 
2. Green cards obtained by any category are treated the same once approved. Which category you apply only determines the time it takes to get a green card. If you are born in India or China then NIW has a long wait time. EB1a is preferred in such cases. 
3. It is possible if you satisfy the USCIS criteria but generally the chances are better after several publications and citations. Sometimes if other evidence is very strong, citations may be less important. 
4. Good recommendations are necessary for both the categories. 
5. We suggest you read the free ebook on our website and if you feel you want to explore applying, you can look at our example petitions


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