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Phd and work visa

Published Mar 15,2011 By GCforPhD


I am from India. i have done my PhD in Biotechnology. currently pursuing my post doc in NCBS. My husband is visiting US with H1 Visa and i will be getting H4. I am very much interested to continue my research career in US. In H4 visa i am not eligible to work. hence anybody please suggest regarding how to converting my H4 to a valid work visa (either a J1 or H1 or EAD or anything related) so that i can continue my postdoc or can be employed by any of the biotech companies in US. please give suggestion.

thank you very much



For either J1 or H1, you need a company interested in hiring you and sponsoring your visa.

You could obtain an EAD if you self-petition in EB1A or EB2 niw. You need to meet the USCIS requirements for these categories and pool sufficient evidence for your petition. You can refer to free e-book on the website.

Best of luck

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