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Area of PhD research and green card

Published May 17,2009 By GCforPhD


Please can i get my green card if i do my Phd in Int’l Relations?
Kindly respond
USCIS criteria does not discriminate based on your area of work, meaning USCIS criteria applies equally to a person working in chemistry or working in human relations. If your PhD work has substantial merit to justify that it is in the US national interest or if you can justify that it is extraordinary in nature (USCIS has criteria for judging both of these claims) then your application has a better chance in the EB2-NIW or EB1A categories. This is irrespective of which area your research is in.

We also suggest you read the post at this related link, which explains the relation green card and PhD. In other words one should not think that having a green card automatically entitles one for approval or denial. However, Phd’s have an advantage that they have a strong background to satisfy the USCIS requirements in the EB1A or EB2-NIW categories which allows them to  self-petition for their green card.

This being said, we think you are the best judge to say if you have a good chance or not. The example packets simply assist you in this process. They explain the USCIS criteria and how one in a technical field would present a case to justify that they satisfy the criteria. You can structure your petition and evidence based on our example petition.

Best of luck
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Vipan Kumar
Vipan Kumar
15 years ago

I saw your post, its nice that you are helping people.
I also have a question for you.
My fiance has done already M.Phil in India,and now she is interested to do P.hd in U.S.A. So, i would like to know that is it easy to get a admission in P.hd in U.S.A ? And how long it takes time to complete it normally ? And what are the possibilities to get a Green Card For both husband and wife ? If they can get Green card after completion of P,hd or during the time of study ? And also if i ( spouse ) of her wil be eligible to stay and work legally during that time of her study ? And normally for how long U.S.A embassy gives visa in the beginning ? And most important is if U.S.A Govt or university give scholarships to International students ?

I have wrote you so many questions , but i hope that i will get all replies very clear. And i wish you best of luck for your work and thanks in advance.

15 years ago
Reply to  Vipan Kumar

Thank you.
You can search else where on the internet for study and PhD related questions. Here are some answers in brief. In general it takes about 4-7yrs for obtaining a PhD in the US. If you come on a dependent visa you cannot work (unless you have an EAD, via GC application). US universities give scholarships to international students.

You can apply for a GC during or after a PhD. In either case you have to show a strong evidence that you satisfy the criteria set by USCIS. You can find this else where on this site or other website.

If one of you apply for an i-140 petition then the other (spouse) can be a secondary on the i-485 (adjustment of status), so both of you can get a green card.

Best of luck

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