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Question on second GC petition

My wife is having H1B, employed as Pharmacist with retail chain store since October 2005. Our greencard application is filed in June 2007 and we got EAD too.
As she is also having Ph.D. degree in Pharmacy from India, I like to know about greencard process (based on your information given in your website) – best possible way to get it earlier.
We are presently at Michigan.
Awaiting your further response.
Thank you for the question. It is hard to answer with out complete details of your case like primary applicant and category in the already applied green card. I am assuming you are the primary applicant on your current GC petition.

There are two choices for a Phd to self petition fro GC namely via EB1A and EB2-NIW. Currently priority dates for EB2 for Indian nationals are retrogressed and it may not prove useful in her case. EB1A priority dates are current and from the estimates of current processing times for I-140 and I-485, USCIS is taking approximately 1.5 yrs from application to final GC approval. You can review USCIS criteria for EB1A to see if she eligible. Else where on our web site you will find information on EB1A criteria.

In general multiple i-140’s are allowed and will not affect the current i-140 /i-485 application being processed.

Best of luck

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