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Self Petitioning

Questions for the EB1A DIY product


1. Can I self-petition an EB-1 while my employer is applying O-1 visa for me?

2. Will I be able to use the same documentation from the O-1 visa to proof Extraordinary Ability in EB-1?

3. If I am not successful in my self-petition EB-1, could it affect future green card applications, such as via an employer?

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Required number of publications

Thank-you so much for this website.

I am also having a question regarding the self-petition process. I did Ph.D in Marketing from India and currently I am in USA on H4 visa. I have only 6 publications and unfortunately in all the publications I am the second author because of the university rule but I have 9 paper presentations also. Out of the publications only 1 is in internationally approved good journal. I got one National award for NET (Junior research fellowship) and during my Ph.D I receive monthly based scholarship which lasted for 5 years. I am also having… Continue reading



(I)Can I have sample documents i.e., self petition submitted by a PHD student (Chemical Engineering).I have purchased a packet form you that is a sample of a working person with PHD. I want a student case

(2) Can you write a recommendation letter for a student who is completing PHD in May, 2017

Please advise