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Am i eligible for EB1-A Extraordinary Ability


I have 7 patents (2 are granted) with 93 citations and reference 2 and I have 13 years of experience in Aerospace Displays Product Development. Played key roles in all projects and in the organization.

Am i eligible for EB1-A if i show my salary is high as per my geological location?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Can you show that those organizations have distinguished reputation?

    Speaking of salary, you have to make sure you can provide proper documentation, such as
    [*] Copies of the W-2 or 1099 forms for years in which you have received a high salary in the field of endeavor. Alternatively, you may provide similar foreign tax documents which establish yearly wages earned outside the U.S.
    [*] Media reports of notably high salaries earned by others in the field.
    [*] List compiled by credible professional organization(s) of the top earners in a field.
    [*] Geographical or position appropriate compensation surveys;
    [*] Organization justifications to pay above the compensation data;
    [*] Information from the U.S. Department of Labor or similar sources that show the comparison of salaries within states, between states, etc.

    Note: U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage rate information alone does not generally establish whether the salary or other remuneration is “significantly” higher than that of others in the field. If U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage rate information is submitted, it should be accompanied by other corroborative evidence showing that the wage rate is high relative to others working in the field.

    Can you provide such documentation?

  • GCforPhD says:

    There is a good chance you can meet the three statutory EB1a criteria if you show that your salary is high. In addition, you need to show that a) you are one of the top experts in your field and b) there is sustained interest in your work. Patents and citations help in this regard. If your patents are in use or are licensed then they can add as strong evidence for a), b).

    Best wishes

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