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EB1A evidence evaluation — PhD in safety engineering

I am working for a reputed US company as Safety Performance Integration Engineer. I have PhD in Engineering with Research work done in the same field as my current job – Pedestrian Safety. My employer has filed my GC in EB2 which has priority date of Nov 2010. but the dates keep going backward and it has been in waiting for long time now. 
I was considering the option to file for EB1a by myself (without going to lawyer) and looking for some information online when I came across your website.
In summary, I have so far around 5 publications ( 2 international journal papers, 2 conference papers and my PhD dissertation). I have 2 more papers in Review Process. So far I have only 8-10 citations of my publications. 2 of my papers were in conference as well as journal, so I don’t know if that will count as total 4 or just 2.
During PhD which I did in part time, I was given Graduate Professional scholarship for continuous 3 years which is rarely given to Part time students.
I have served as reviewer for one journal to review some papers and I have worked as a visiting professor during summer semester to teach a graduate course.
I can arrange some recommendation letters (6-8) from some professors and some employers. My manager is also willing to write up a support letter stating that this area of Pedestrian safety is very new in US with Vehicle having to meet pedestrian safety regulations starting from 2020 and it is hard to find any candidate who has PhD is same area and I have a critical role in this group etc. Also I may be under high range salary category.
So I would like to know if it will be feasible to file in EB1a category. 
Please provide your feedback.
Thank you for your time.
From your description and attachment you easily satisfy 2 regulatory EB1A criteria (4 & 6) and may be two more (3 & 9). A total of 3 criteria need to be met. So it is possible if you carefully prepare your petition you can meet the 3 regulatory criteria. 
In addition you need to meet extraordinary ability criteria 1) you are considered one of the top expert  in the field and 2) there is sustained interest in your work. 
For 1 you would need very strong recommendation letters and for 2 generally citations are used. Otherwise if you can get letters form people using your work over a period of 3 years that would work for 2. 
You can use our example petition to see how to pool evidence and prepare your petition. 
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