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Research in medical sciences and NIW


Me and my wife looked at the website and found some interesting facts. Right now my wife doing phd in basic medical sciences and her research area is lungs along with spectral imaging and unmixing the images( working for her mentors NIH grant). She and her mentor are the only ones who can do this at this school, so anyone need these has to go through them to solve issues.  He along with couple other professors are ready to give her recommendations and help her to get the green card. She was being paid now from university ( funds from NIH) 23000 annually as stipend with fees paid by school( totaling around $40000). She had 3 publications so far and 2 more on work.  So what would be your suggestion for self petition for green card. You think this would be of national interest?
Also can anyone send some sample petitions so that it would be really helpful to prepare one for myself. Thanks in advance


NIW may be possible. From the limited information you mentioned, it is hard to tell. She needs to check if three of the EB2 USCIS criteria are met. In addition she needs to show the following evidence
  • Benefits that the proposed employment will be national in scope.
  • Employment in an area of substantial intrinsic merit and important to the national interests of the United States.
  • Significant benefit derived from the applicant’s participation in the national interest field of endeavor considerably outweighs the inherent national interest in protecting U.S. workers through the labor certification process.
While having several publications helps, it is not necessary. If there are only a few, significance of the publications would be important.
We have example self-petitions  on our website at the following link for a price. Several people are successful using them.

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