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I am planning to apply for a green card and I talked to couple of lawyers they said its going to cost around $10K to file EB1A and NIW. I am currently on OPT stem extension until NOV 2018 and I want to start the process as soon as possible. Can you please send me a self kit which I can refer in order to file NIW application and whether OPT STEM affects the application process? I can ask OSU to file an H1B for few years but I at least want to get started with my NIW application.… Continue reading

DIY packet


I ordered DIY-packet-2015 online with a receipt number of 3005-5531-1031-7259. There is no shipping method or tracking number info in the receipt. I just want to know when I will receive the packet?

Pralay Gayen

Applying from outside the USA


Thank you so much for all your efforts on your website, it is really helpful ,after I saw your site I decided to go forward and self petition
but when I contacted a lawyer I got confused .My intention was to apply for the Eb1a but they advised me to apply for NIW .I am attaching my CV  it has my publications under published work heading.

As for citations I got citations 6 times.And I have other reference letters apart from the attached ones.

My question is which do you think will suit me better Eb1a or NIW?… Continue reading