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Interested in buying diy kit

I am interested to get your kit. Is it updated after the 2016 Dhanasar?

Can you please give me some discount?
Thank you!


Researchgate – is it important


I was wondering if number of followers, download counts and other stats from portals like Researchgate can be considered as a legit source for proof of exceptional ability?

Thank you in advance,



I am planning to apply for a green card and I talked to couple of lawyers they said its going to cost around $10K to file EB1A and NIW. I am currently on OPT stem extension until NOV 2018 and I want to start the process as soon as possible. Can you please send me a self kit which I can refer in order to file NIW application and whether OPT STEM affects the application process? I can ask OSU to file an H1B for few years but I at least want to get started with my NIW application.… Continue reading