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Currently I am on H1 visa and I am applying for NIW EB2 based on my work qualification and national award I won, I don’t have PHD and research publication though. Now if I leave job after applying NIW EB2, and move to H4, will this cause any issue? I know NIW eb2 does not need labor or job.

J2 visa to EB2 through employer


I am a post-doc on a J1 visa. My wife works for a company on her J2 visa and they would like to sponsor her Green Card. I have applied for the J-1 waiver and my application is being processed by the USCIS (have already received Favorable recommendation). My question now is, with our DS2019 expiring 28th February 2019, can she apply for an EB2 without converting her J2 into an H-1B? Does she have to maintain either a J or an H-1 status till the processing is complete? Also would that affect my chances of applying for a… Continue reading

Applying for a Green Card while a phd student


I am currently a PHD student in US  in F-1 status from Nepal and I am currently in my 4th year of my PHD. I am looking into the possibility of filing for NIW EB-2. Here is my background, I completed my undergraduate from US in physics and minor in mathematics, then I joined PHD in theoretical physics.


Here is some summary of my work:
As a Undergraduate, I have 4 conference paper, 3 book chapters and 1 published paper as a co-author. I presented at 10 conferences during this time.

As a PHD student, I have 7… Continue reading