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EB-2 / NIW


i am looking forward to apply for EB-2 / NIW
i have a BS business administration graduated in 2000
place of birth is Bethlehem city , year 1978 country of birth ( Israel / Palestine )
i have a valid B1/B2 visa on a Palestinian passport , i been to the US for five times first time was in 2001 , i have a social security # ( not valid for employment ) moreover my US credit score 777+
i am in custom clearance and fright forwarding business for more than 10 years ,
i am Trilingual –  Arabic… Continue reading

Request for the Molecular biology material package


I have recently purchased the NIW DIY package form your company. My receipt number is Receipt number: 8HV53159W8764253S.
May i please request you provide me the recent example of NIW (molecular biology) from India.The example i got in my package is from Optics and space engineering which is unrelated to my petition. It is difficult for me to understand the optics language and convert it into my molecular biology field as i have to write the recommendation letters also. Therefore i need package from biology field.
Please help me with my problem.
Thank you very much for… Continue reading