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What services does this site offer?


Dear friends

my name is []  and I am a PhD/postdoc from Italy. I did postdoc in the USA.

I would be interested in getting the green card and I found your website on the net.

Can you please tell me what services you offer once I subscribe with you?

thanks a lot


We offer do-it yourself self-petition packets example petitions prepared from successful petitions. For those who purchase the packets, we answer any question they (by email) have during and after the petition process.  Occasionally we also provide support to some customers in reviewing their petition for a cost.
You can find more information about the self-petition process in our free ebook. Our petitions can purchased from the following link.
If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
Green card for Phd Team
Helping NIW and EB1A applications
with our DIY packages

2 Responses to What services does this site offer?

  • Sriramya Garapati says:

    I have purchased a how to DIY EB1A instructions package and planning to start the process. I would appreciate if you could provide me your advice for one question
    My husband’s priority date is Oct2012 in EB2 . He is downgrading to EB3 and filing i-485 as EB3 dates have moved to Jan2015 . Because of personal reasons, my goal is to get GC as soon as we can, not just getting an EAD. If I file my case in EB1A now , which I think my profile would stand up for, would it still be helpful to get the GC quicker than the EB3.

    • BlogSupport says:

      Hi Sriramya,

      Thank you for purchasing the package. You can apply for as many different categories as you find reasonable. Filing an EB1A petition may help you to reach your goals faster, especially if the premium processing is available at the time you file. You are risking only the I-140 filing fee and the time it will take you to assemble the case. Judging from the priority dates, you are from India, so the USCIS is only one month behind in processing EB1A cases for India nationals (however, it may change at any time, as we have seen in the past few years).

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