EB2-NIW and EB1A green card questions

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Currently I am on H1 visa and I am applying for NIW EB2 based on my work qualification and national award I won, I don’t have PHD and research publication though. Now if I leave job after applying NIW EB2, and move to H4, will this cause any issue? I know NIW eb2 does not need labor or job.

J1 waiver for a tenure track job

I am currently finishing up a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship in the Humanities before moving to a tenure-track position. I am on j-1 academic training; and my concerns are about what happens when I finished my third year of academic training, which is the maximum I can do before either completing my 2 year home residency [in Turkey] or changing my status with a waiver. Here is my info:
-I came to the US to pursue my Masters through with a Fulbright Grant (US governmental funding)—from August 2008 to April 2010.
-I went back to my home country in April 2010;… Continue reading

EB1/EB2 for Psyd

I am an Indian Student on F1. I graduate from Psyd in June 2018. I have a job offer for my post doc. I will be applying for OPT and getting my EAD. While in college I have worked for 3 organization for 3 years, created my dissertation, published a book, presented a poster at a conference, have several recommendation letters from coworkers, professors. My book and dissertation was original work.

My questions are:

  1. Do I quality to self petition my Green card under EB1A/B?
  2. If I don’t quality for EB1, then can I live and work in US while… Continue reading