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Ph.D. Student Applying for EB-1A


I am currently a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering student from India in my final year at a university in US. I have my B.Sc and M.Sc also from US universities. I wanted to know if I can make a strong case / satisfy requirement for EB1-A. My achievements are:

  1. Nine journal papers (six as first author, two invited papers) with six more coming this year
  2. 16 conference papers (2 invited papers)
  3. 69 total citations
  4. Member of three engineering societies (one honor society)
  5. Editor of a fairly new journal
  6. Reviewed 10 papers for five different journals
  7. Won first place at three… Continue reading

Applying for a Green Card while a phd student


I am currently a PHD student in US  in F-1 status from Nepal and I am currently in my 4th year of my PHD. I am looking into the possibility of filing for NIW EB-2. Here is my background, I completed my undergraduate from US in physics and minor in mathematics, then I joined PHD in theoretical physics.


Here is some summary of my work:
As a Undergraduate, I have 4 conference paper, 3 book chapters and 1 published paper as a co-author. I presented at 10 conferences during this time.

As a PHD student, I have 7… Continue reading

Can someone please tell me what my chances are to file self EB-1A?

I don’t have any Ph.D. Currently on H1-B and company filed my green card on EB-2 as a manager (I-140 Already Approved since 2012). Also, I am an International well-known artist in the photography field and wondering If I qualify to apply under EB-1A side by side as an Artist. Received many international awards including few internet articles and publications showcasing my work. Also Invited as an International Jury Member. My work has been published in magazines as Top 10 best photographers in the world with more than 100k Facebook followers.  Any chances to file under EB-1A?

Thanks In advance