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Am I eligible for Eb1A

hi,  I did my master in biotechnology  in USA and published 4 papers with 52 citations. currently I am pursuing doctoral in occupational therapy (medical field). And my current status is on F1. I read the requirement on eb1a on uscis website. I have received several awards and mentored my peer buddy . let me know if you need more details of my work . I can email my resume .

note : 1) my master degree and doctoral degree are two different fields. 2) I am planning to do research on Thai chi which is related to my doctoral program . I will be graduating on aug 2018.  

Please do provide your inputs so that I can prepare  to fulfill eb1a requirements.

question:  since I have achieved all my publications with my masters degree , and if I continue to work as research associate in future ,  and if I continue to publish more paper with my master’s degree ? am I eligible to apply with eb1a OR  I can start working on Thai chi research which is related to my doctoral degree Program and publish papers on it. Currently I am in dilemma , not sure in which direction do I need to consider to apply in eb1A?

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated!!

thanks for your help. 

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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Pooja,

    If you are choosing between two fields, then you should pick the one that will better satisfy the USCIS requirements. Merely having publications does not fulfill the USCIS criteria, one should show that the work has a certain impact on the field and acquires a national/international acclaim. To understand what type of evidence is actually counted, please have a look at the the USCIS template for EB1A RFE

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