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PhD on Bible and applying for green card


I recently came across your website and want to ask if you could assist me with the GC Process.
I recently graduated with a Ph.D in Bible. Do you think that self-potion would work for Ph.D in Bible? Or does it have to be related to the education that would “benefit” to the country?
If I will be eligible to apply, which method should I choose, or go with?
I did not publish much material, but I have published my dissertation on a few online databases, and an article which is pending for publication. I have noticed that I have to have at least three requirements. 
Please let me know what your suggestions would be.
We assume you did a PhD in one of the humanities field with your work focus on the Bible. People  who did a PhD in the humanities also are successful in obtaining a green card by self position. You might also be able to do this. Regarding if Bible would be considered a valid subject area, that depends on how you explain USCIS that phd on Bible would be in the national interest (for niw) or would be considered important internationally (for eb1a). It appears that this should be possible and might depend on what aspects of bible your work is focused on. Since we do not have experience in this particular situation we do not know how you would convince USCIS but you probably have a better idea on how to do this. 
The general approach for application would be similar to our example petition package. We suggest you look at the web page and also example petition package if possible.
 Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
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