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EB1 with NIW ?


I read somewhere it might be advantageous to do EB1 along with NIW for not very strong EB1 alone. Is it possible, if so can you thrw some light on it?


Also does EB2-NIW stand in queue backlog as other EB2 alone for getting the GC ?



One Response to EB1 with NIW ?

  • GCforPhD says:


    We recommend applying for both EB1a and NIW for certain cases. Generally the fee associated with I-140 application is small and the overall time associated with preparing a second petition is not twice as the first. So it makes sense to apply for both EB1a and NIW I-140. This is especially helpful when the applicant is not confident of approval in EB1A and when there is a long queue in NIW.

    Yes EB2-NIW are treated in the same visa queue as other EB2 applications.

    Best wishes

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