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My Eb1a I-140 approved. Which documents should my husband fill?

First of all let me thank you for your wonderful package. Today I got my Eb-1A petition approved. With premium processing I got response within 4 days! And all thanks to your package! Thank you very much!

I have two groups of questions.

Me and my boyfriend who lives in the US from Spain are getting married to both get the green card. He is going to fill I-485, g-325, i-693. The question is the following. Do we have to send our I-485-s and the rest of the paperwork together or separately?  Are there any hidden secrets of applying as a couple? 

Second question. My H1b status and visa expire in the end of June. Once my I-485 is pending may I still use my H1b visa to enter the country? Or should I ask for travel approval?


Thanks a lot!




Maria D. Kazachenko

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  • GCforPhD says:


    Congratulation on your approval!! We are glad that our packets are helpful to you. Your questions are answered below.

    1. There are no hidden secrets to applying as a couple. You should send the applications and paperwork together. If you look in our How-to booklet you will notice an example cover letter for I-485 application. This also lists the documents needed for the application process. Obviously you would also need to include your marriage certificate as well. If you plan to send the applications separately at separate times then things may be little bit more complicated. So it is best to apply together and send everything as a single packet.

    2. Yes you can use your H1B visa for travel purposed while your I-485 pending as long as your immigration status is still H1B. If you or your spouse use EAD associated with the I-485 then your immigration status becomes “pending I-485”. In the later case you would certainly need a travel document (advanced parole).

    Best wishes

  • Maria D. Kazachenko says:

    Thanks! We will include the marriage certificate then.

    Does my husband need to fill out any additional forms as a spouse? Or only documents that are included in the package? i.e. I-485, g-325, i-693?

    • GCforPhD says:


      He would have to fill out the same set of forms that you would while applying a I-485 application. He would also have to include similar set of supporting documents (immigration, birth and marriage certificate etc– listed in the cover letter example) as you would.

      Best wishes

  • Maria D. Kazachenko says:

    Thanks! Do I have to file Affidavit of support for him if he is currently working under H1b visa in the US?

    • GCforPhD says:

      No. Affidavit of support would not be necessary. With his application you can include his current job information (a simple letter from the employer).

  • may says:

    My spouse received I797 approved for EB1-a visa. Can you please help me to know which form and document I should fill out to go for next step?

    • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

      Hi May,

      You will need to file I-485, I-693, G-325A, I-765, I-131, I-134 as well as various other documents. If your spouse used our do-it-yourself packets, then he/she can find detailed information on the next steps at the end of the manuals.

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