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EB1A eligibility

Hi, I am PhD holder in Biomedical sciences and currently in F1-OPT. I have total of 255 citations from about 20 research papers. Additionally I have a editorial written in one journal. I have been awarded few awards from graduate school during phd. I am also official reviewer for one reputed journal and also helped reviewing several papers to my boss for reputed top journals (which I can have it as emails). Do you think I am eligible?. I can get recommendation letters at minimum 8. 


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  • GCforPhD says:


    You have a very good chance of success in the EB1a category. If you need help in preparing the packet please contact us.

    Best wishes

  • Ashima says:

    I have earned an MS and PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the US. I have 3 publications with 1 citation each. I have reviewed 1 paper. I am currently pursuing postdoctoral fellowship. Could you please let me know my chances of getting a green card in EB1a category?

    • GCforPhD says:


      It is hard to tell if you have a strng case for EB1a from your description. If you could send us an email with more details (CV) of your case, we may be able to assist you better. Please take a look at the USCIS criteria for EB1a and see which ones you think you qualify to the best of your knowledg and send us a detailed CV.

      Best wishes

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