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Regarding GC to be filed under PHD Educational Qualification

Hello Team,

 I had a general question on the GC to be filed under PHD educational stream.

 My basic qualification is Commerce, and then I have done my Masters in Computers (MCM) and then a Masters in Personnel Management (MPM).

 But I came to know from few of my friends that if you complete your PHD u can file your GC yourself.

 I went through your website and all the FAQ’ questions is if I try to get a PHD from community College and try and complete my PHD, will I be able to get a GC if I do it on Personnel Management or Computers ?

 Any pointers will really help, as there is a long queue for GC via Employment Category.

One Response to Regarding GC to be filed under PHD Educational Qualification

  • GCforPhD says:

    There are two self-petition categories(EB1A and EB2NIW) where anyone can apply for employment based green card without employer sponsorship. For these categories PhD is NOT a requirement. But many things that a typical PhD does fall under the list of USCIS requirements, therefore many PhDs are successful in getting a green card by self-petition.

    We suggest you look at the uscis requirements for the two categories on our webpage. This will give you an idea of what evidence to pool in order to get a Green card. Of the two categories EB1a is a bit more harder than EB2-niw. You can find more information at the two links above EB1a and NIW.

    You should also take into consideration that EB2-niw currently takes a very very long time if you are born in India or China.

    Best wishes

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