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PhD student would like to apply in EB2 NIW



I am currently pursuing PhD in geophysics from Univ of Houston, TX.
My research is unconventional shales….which I believe of national interest.
I did summer internships with big oil companies like Chevron, Exxon and Conoco Phillips.
I have 2 kids…both are born in US.
I want to apply for Green card….am I eligible to apply as I am still pursuing PhD….
Please look at USCIS criteria for EB2-NIW. You may qualify depending on various other accomplishments. You need to satisfy 3 out of ten criteria and also show that your work (not just the research area) is of national interest. You can see some commonly asked questions at
Your other family status (US born kids) would not affect your application.
Best of luck
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2 Responses to PhD student would like to apply in EB2 NIW

  • Bhimanna says:

    Dear Sir,

    First I would like to thank you for your helping number of people who are in need of help.
    I am graduate student (PhD, Pharmaceutical sciences, Medicinal chemistry), but I am going to submit my PhD thesis on April 25th 2014 and will graduate in spring 2014. I have 3 publications after startign PhD and 1 before and 1 more will be soon appear (accepted) (Total 5 publications). From Google scholor, I have around 13 citations. I also have 3 years and 5 months experience in Pharmaceutical industry, in medicinal chemistry research. I am also foreign Pharmacist and eiligible to become a Pharmacist in USA. My name is also cited in others papers acknowledgements section for help in analyzing data. With these details, I do not know whether I am good fit or not. If I apply under NIW category, do I need to work under same field. Since, I am medicinal chemist, and eligible for Pharmacist, I am going to write exam soon and will become Pharmacist here. Can I work as pharmacist, if I apply under NIW?. I am confused and really need your help.

    Thanks in advance and have a good day.

    • GCforPhD says:

      In the past we have several applicants with only a few publications and citations successfully petition in the NIW category. So it is possible to obtain a green card in NIW with few publications. However the strength of the case rests on how rest of the evidence (For example how you argue national interest etc).

      For any self-petition application, USCIS expects the applicant to work in the same area as the proposed employment throughout the application process. You would need to mention the “area of employment” in I-140 petition. During I-485 approval USCIS may ask to verify that you are working in the area of employment. May be, if you define your area of work to include Pharmacist and the experience gained as part of being a pharmacist then there would be no conflict. You would know better if it is possible to define your area of employment to include Pharmacist.

      Also if you are a Indian or Chinese national then there would be a long wait for green card via NIW.

      You can find more information in our free e-book and example petition packets.

      Best wishes

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