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Citations and Green card application


I am a Ph.D. (MAGMA CUM LAUDE) holder from the a technical  Germany in 2005. I am a German citizen.

I use to be also an H-1B visa holder from September 2008 to April 2011, and I worked at a startup company in the Biotechnology in the Bay Area, California. I left back to Germany, because the economic crisis at that time. Now I am back to San Francisco, and I try to find a job in the biotech, and I got my interviews, but no sponsoring, and in many cases, they want the permanent residency.
I heard about the possibility to get the green card in short time, if I am a Ph.D. and publications, which are cited by more than 100 persons. I checked at Google scholar and I find my publications were cited by >230 persons.
So can you help me, and give me some tips?
Thanks for your cooperation and help.  I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
You can self petition and get a green card in either the EB1a or EB2-niw categories. If citations are implying  exceptional work, this could be a very key piece of evidence. Having several publications and citations is very helpful for the self-petition categories because this could potentially be used to claim evidence like for example
1) your  research has  wide international following 2) it is national in scope and 3) you have risen to the top of your filed etc..
Also when citations are one of the major evidence, the examiner might look at 1) how many of these are by co-authors/self-citations 2) who is really citing you work and why? While citation number is an important  piece of evidence, how you prepare your over all petition and the rest of the evidence you present are also important. You still need to make sure you satisfy three and more of the USCIS criteria. Please take a look at the USCIS  criteria for EB1A and  EB2-NIW. Our ebook has information that self-petitioners have. The application process requires some effort on your part. You can see some example petitions to understand how to do it on your own.
For some nationalities and categories, it is possible to get a green card in as short as 4 months. You can see the USCIS criteria for these categories.
Best of luck
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2 Responses to Citations and Green card application

  • Senthil says:


    I am a recent PhD holder. My research was in soybean oil based paints and coatings. I have about 8 publications (4 in peer review journals, 3 in inter national magazine, 1 in conference proceedings). I have given 4 poster presentation, 3 oral presentation in technical conferences. I also have 5 awards (one from university, one for poster presentation national level in USA, one from USA in international conference, one from India-state level, and one travel award). I just started publishing my research, so I have only 16 citations. (including 4 self citation and one co-author citation). So far, 11 times I have been invited for review and completed all the reviews. I am also a member of professional organization.

    What is the possibility of getting approval in EB-1 as outstanding researcher?

    • GCforPhD says:


      For EB1-OR, you need to satisfy 2 of the 10 uscis criteria. From your description you certainly do. If you have a sponsoring agency (your employer) they can apply in EB1-OR and you can be successful.

      If you would like to apply (or self-petition, no sponsorship required) in EB1a, you need to satisfy more than 3 of the 10 EB1a statutory requirements. From your description you certainly do. However, you also need to show the following two extraordinary tests
      1. Petitioner is one of the small percentage of people who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor.
      2. Sustained national or international acclaim and that his or her achievements have been recognized in the field of expertise
      Showing 2 is little hard. If you have several citations over >3 year period this becomes easy.

      Best wishes

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