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Which processing center should I apply for fast processing of I-140?


Hi there,

Thanks very much for this useful website.  I’m in the process of gathering evidence for my petition.  I have a few questions.

1.  I’m a Canadian citizen born in HK.  The EB2 visa bulletin is current for all countries except mainland-born China.  I just want to double check that since I was born in HK, I don’t belong to that category, right?


This seems to be a correct interpretation.

2.  Is an email- print out of my referees’ comments for one of my publication a good enough evidence?


Yes. You should keep your original emails saved, just in case if the examiner requires the original evidence.

3.  From these two websites: ( and, it seems that Nebraska has a faster processing time than Texas.  But I also read somewhere that Texas is more likely to approve I-140 NIW.  What is your recommendation?


According to the recent instruction in I-140, all I-140 for eb1a and eb2-niw are mailed to a TX address, irrespective of your location in the US. So there is no choice in where to file.

Title: Filling I-140 and I-485 separately or together

Sub Question:

I have another question.  My I-140 is more or less ready.  My medical exam is scheduled.  Would you suggest that I send in the I-140 first while I wait to complete I-485 or is it better to send everything together if the visa bulletin is current for my nationality?


If you choose to send I-140 then you have to wait for it to get approved before you can send your I-485. Otherwise you can wait and send everything together. The second option is also better if you like to utilize EAD and Advanced Parole.

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