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Can I apply my own?


I am xxxxxx working as a Staff scientist for a company called xxxxxx, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Right now, I am on a H1B visa status and it expires 2011. I checked with local immigration attorneys and after looking at my resume, they said I will not be able to apply for EB1 or NIW category because I don’t have any published articles in journal since 2006. I read about your association on the internet and I wanted to see if I could apply for self-petition Greencard. How mich would it cost for the whole process and how long would it take for me get a GC? I have attached my resume for your kind reference. Kindly email me if I can apply for green card and if so, what are the things I need to prepare. Looking forward to your email.
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We suggest you read the ebook and FAQ on our website. That should answer most of your questions. For NIW or eb1a several factors are considered and not just publication. Some times lawers, if they are not aware of importance of your field and your work, can be discouraging. Please read uscis creteria (listed on our webpage) and some example petition. From this you can see how best you can justify yourself for one of these categories. You are the best judge of your situation.

If you apply on your own, the cost of the process is essentially the cost of the applications. You can find the fee for i-140, 485 and others (i-131, i-765 if you need) on the uscis page.

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