What are my chances in EB2NIW?

Many PhDs ask us this question. It is our opinion that as a PhD you are your own best judge. Below is an approach we suggest to determine your chances of success.

  1. Understand the EB2-NIW criteria. You would in general need to satisfy EB2 exceptional ability (different from extraordinary ability) and show that your work is in US national interest. Look at backgrounds of some approved NIW cases. In some rare cases of very strong support for national interest, USCIS has in the past approved NIW to applicants satisfying EB2 advanced degree.
  2. Make a list of all your accomplishments, awards etc.
  3. Do you have evidence to satisfy at least three of EB2 exceptional ability requirements?
  4. Is there substantial intrinsic merit to your work and is it in the US national interest?
  5. Is the benefit from your work national in scope?
  6. If you have answered yes to 3, 4, and 5 you are likely to be successful.

If you find it hard to make an accurate assessment just from USCIS EB2-NIW criteria and backgrounds of some approved EB2-NIW cases, you can use our self-help packets which have an approved example petition to make a more accurate judgment.

Disclaimer: The contents in this web site are only for your information and are not intended to be legal advice. While many of our applicants successfully obtain their I-140 approvals, the information here should not be considered as a guarantee of your green card application outcome.