Approved examples in EB2 NIW

Below are a few representative example of PhDs who have successfully obtained Green cards in the EB2-NIW category. We list the background of each case which can be used to compare against USCIS EB2-NIW regulatory requirements. In addition to satisfying three regulatory requirements, the applicants justified in their petition that a) their work is in the US national interest b) their work is in an area of substantial intrinsic merit and c) their participation in NIW application out weighs the need for labor certification process.

Third year Post doc working on nano technology

  1. Undergraduate degrees from a US public university
  2. PhD in biophysics from a very highly ranked US public university.
  3. Third year postdoc at another US public university at the time of petition.
  4. Two publications, one peer reviewed journal and one invited chapter in a book.
  5. 10 citations total. Nearly 750 downloads of the peer-reviewed paper in 3 years.
  6. Used some lesser known, cutting edge technologies to monitor novel molecular nano-robots.
  7. Petition was based on a specific technique. The technique was applied to novel problems over PhD and postdoctoral work
  8. Eight recommendation letters from 8 different institutions (7 universities (6 in US, 1 in UK) and 1 National lab). 4 independent reference letters from scientists.
  9. One news article online the research.
  10. One invited talk at a university. Presented work at NSF special panels. ​
  11. NIW based on health/national defense.
  12. Received an RFE two months after I-140 application. Wrote a new response letter, included a lot of material from the old petition, one new independent recommendation letter to address every point raised of the very generic RFE letter. I-140 Approved in 1 month.

PhD student at University of Arizona

  1. Undergrad (B. Tech. Biotechnology) from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  2. MS (Natural Resources – Wildlife Conservation and Management), University of Arizona
  3. PhD Candidate (Natural Resources – Wildlife Conservation and Management), University of Arizona
  4. 1 year work experience in India, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.
  5. Research on non-invasive and forensic genetics for wildlife conservation, with focus on wild cats (tigers, leopards, mountain lions, bobcats) and their conservation.
  6. Member of 5 professional wildlife organizations
  7. 5 publications (2 internationally peer-reviewed, 3 nationally peer-reviewed).
  8. 20 conference presentations (5 international, 10 national, and 5 local).
  9. 5 invited speaker events
  10. 9 citations, h-index = 2
  11. Reviewer of manuscript in Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management
  12. 12 recommendation letters, 2 international, 10 national (including 6 government, 2 academic, and 2 non-profit).
  13. 5 articles about research in professional organization magazines
  14. 10 news article about research online and in trusted public media.
  15. Filed NIW in August 2013. Nebraska center.
  16. Approved January 2014 and waiting for PD to file I-485.

Research Engineer at UC Berkeley

  1. Undergrad from Calcutta University ( Rank 2 in India,by India Today 2013, 4 Nobel laureates )
  2. PhD from IISc Bangalore. (Top research institute, selection from top 0.01%, rank 39 in materials science QS world university rankings)
  3. 3 years work experience in UK, Marie Curie fellowship. Research Engineer at UC Berkeley at the time of petition.
  4. Research on electronic materials and device fabrication, significant to the semiconductor Industry.
  5. 25 publications, AIP and IOP.
  6. More than 125 citations.
  7. Reviewer of AIP Journals
  8. 8 recommendation letters, 5 unknowns, 4 Industry, 1 national lab, 1 UK. Recommenders were very famous people in the field, at least 5 of them.
  9. News article about research online and in magazine.
  10. More than 8 invited international conferences in Japan, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, USA.
  11. Filed both NIW and EB1A in April 2013. Nebraska center.
  12. Approved October 2013 (both)

Postdoctoral researcher in veterinary sciences

  1. Veterinarian
  2. PhD in Immunology and Microbiology
  3. Second year as  post doctoral researcher at the time of petition.
  4. 8 publications 4 first authored and 4 co-authored publications at the time of petition
  5. ~ 80 citations total in 3 years.
  6. Petition was based on a Immunology and microbiology background with regard to infectious diseases during PhD and postdoctoral work.
  7. 10 recommendation letters from 3 from the Institute where I am working and 7 from different institutions (5 universities (2 in US, 3 out side the US) and 2 from capable american professionals different background who knew my work .
  8. NIW based on health of the american society.


Research associate in biotechnology

  1. Masters in biotechnology (four years prior to application) from SRM College and Research Institute India
  2. Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology from well known university in India
  3. Three years of Research associate experience at a famous US university
  4. 8 publications
  5. 35 citations
  6. Worked on a novel technique for inducing apoptosis of cancer cells
  7. Seven recommendation letters
  8. Two invited talks

Postdoctoral research associate in biotechnology

  1. Total of 4 years of postdoctoral researcher experience at two famous US universities
  2. PhD in Biology and Chemistry from a US university
  3. BS in chemical science from Ceylon
  4. Research assistant (2 years) and Teaching assistant (2 years)
  5. One patent pending for peptide based antibiotics
  6. 7 publications including one article in Nature
  7. 64 citations
  8. Biophysical studies on synthesis of  E. Coli RNA
  9. Eight recommendation letters

Research associate (2 year) at the Scripps Research Institute

  1. 3 years of prior post-doctoral experience at a well know medical research institute in the US
  2. PhD in Biological sciences and Microbiology from an institute in Poland
  3. >20 publications in national and international journals
  4. 78 citations
  5. Reviewed three journal publications
  6. Co-author on three NSF proposals
  7. Team member of two important projects
  8.  Seven recommendation letters

Postdoctoral fellow (4 years) at John Hopkins University

  1. Assistant lecturer for one year in an Asian country
  2. PhD in Electrical Engineering (five years prior to application) in an Asian country
  3. BS in ECE
  4. 9 publications
  5. 56 citations total
  6. Tien-You Zhan Paper Award
  7. Developed a wide bandwidth Radar device that has use in several defense programs


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