Our packets include a detailed list of all the documents you will need to gather for your application, as well as example petitions and a set of reference letters to help guide you in preparing your own documents. By using our DIY packets, you can feel confident that you have all the tools and information you need to make your green card application process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Our EB-2 NIW (National Interest Wavier) or EB1A (extraordinary ability) do-it-yourself packets (purchase here) for postdocs or PhD holders consists of the following documents.

Our EB-2 NIW (National Interest Wavier) or EB1A (extraordinary ability) do-it-yourself packets for postdocs or PhD holders consists of the following documents.

  • “How to” guide: A pdf document which explains the basics of a green card application process and how to prepare a petition. This document also explains the USCIS criteria you need to meet and the typical evidence that is useful for a successful I-140 petition. It also includes a checklist of documents for I-140 petition. Contents of the How to guide are shown below. NOTE: The free templates mentioned below are not part of the “How-to” guide purchases.
  • Example I-140 petition packet: A pdf document that is similar to the one you would mail to the USCIS. The example petition packet consists of an I-140 petition, four example recommendations letters, and other typical supporting exhibits. The core petition is a twenty five page long letter. Combined with other evidence like recommendation letters, vitae, and other exhibits, the example petition file provided is more than one hundred and twenty pages long. Contents of a I-140 petition file are shown below. NOTE: This purchase includes the free templates mentioned below.
  • “Example letters” file: A pdf document containing a set of 10 additional reference letters from different fields. These are included with the purchase of the DIY packets but not with the How-to packets. Therefore, with the DIY packets there are a total of 18 or more example reference letters. These example letters were actually used with I-140 petitions.
  • FREE Editable Word templates and Excel track sheet: A word file is included that contains templates for a) cover/contents page b) petition pages, c) example recommendation letter, d) various other exhibits, and e) list of exhibits. Template file contains filler text and is not an actual petition example. It is simply an editable file that helps in building your petition using the above example petition document. An excel file is also included that helps tracking exhibits and petition criteria easier. These files are included free of charge.
  • FREE Filled example forms:  A set of typical filled example forms for I-140, I-485, I-765, I-131, and ETA750b1. These forms cover a typical scenario. You would also use the USCIS form instructions if your situation is different.
  • Fillable forms: A fresh set of latest (as of the time of purchase) fillable pdf forms; I-140, I-485, I-765, I-131, and ETA750b1. If applying at a much later date from purchase, we advise applicants to download forms from USCIS website.

All packets are up-to-date at the of the day of purchase.

The “How to” Guide

The “How to” guide is mainly designed to prepare an effective I-140 petition. It also describes the green card application process and the appendix of the guide contains information useful for a I-485 application. Contents differ between the EB1A and NIW guides and typical list is shown below.

1. Welcome!
1.1   Do not be scared
1.2   How long will this take
1.3   Can I do it by myself?
2. Green card application an overview: 
2.1   Labor certification
2.2   Permanent residency petition
2.3   Adjustment of status
3. I-140 petition                                     
3.1   Contents
3.2   Employment requirements
3.3   On national importance
3.4   USCIS Criteria
3.5   Petition recipe with sample reference letter and example parts of the petition
3.6   FAQ
4. Filing I-140
4.1  Where and how to file?
4.2  E-file
4.3  Concurrent filing
4.4  Physical organization
4.5  I-140 petition check list
5. Useful Web sites
6. Appendix
6.1  I-485 Cover letter
6.2  Various forms explained
6.3  Filled example forms
7. Need help or suggestions?

Contents of I-140 petition file

The example petition is an original as was mailed to the USCIS. Names in the document are changed are blacked out to maintain anonymity. Apart from this all critical information is intact. The entire petition packet consists of (with hundreds of pages)

1. Photocopy Certification
2. Filled forms  
2.1   I-140 filled form for Alien Worker
2.2   Details of $580 filing fee
2.3   Form ETA-750B (in duplicate)
3. Historical immigration documents  
3.1   Photo copy of latest I-94
3.2   H1B visa
3.3   I-797, Notice of Approval of H1 status
4. Petition for National Interest Wavier  
5. List of Exhibits  
6. Exhibits  (41 exhibits with a total of 7 or more reference letters)

Contents of “Example letters” file

The main content of the example reference letters are original, as were mailed to the USCIS. This document includes a set of 10 reference letters from various fields (with 35+ pages). If you purchase NIW-DIY packet it would include additional 10 NIW letters. EB1A-DIY includes 10 additional EB1A reference letters. These reference letters are in addition to the 7 or 8 letters included in the respective petition packets. If you purchase a NIW and EB1A DIY-packets then you would have a total of 35 different reference letters. A reference letter from your exact field is not necessary. These letters are meant to illustrate how typical successful letters are written.

1. 10 example reference letters from various fields.

Together the “How to” guide, the example petition, and filled example forms will help you in the self-petition process.

Postdocs or Phd holders can purchase an how-to guides (separately) or do-it-youself packets for NIW or EB1A petitions (include how-to-guides and more).

Disclaimer: The contents in this web site are only for your information and are not intended to be legal advice. While many of our applicants successfully obtain their I-140 approvals, the information here should not be considered as a guarantee of your green card application outcome.