Approved examples in EB1A

Below are a few representative example of PhDs who have successfully obtained Green cards in the EB1A category. We list the background of each case which can be used to compare against USCIS EB1A regulatory requirements. In addition to satisfying three regulatory requirements, the applicants justified in their petition that they have risen to very top of field of endeavor and there is sustained national interest to their work.

Management consultant

  1. PhD Operations research, top a US university (5Yrs back)
  2. PhD Business administration, Penn state (5Yrs back)
  3. MS Statistics, from a top US university.
  4. Served as a consultant for several fortune 500 companies: Nokia, Motorola, Broadcom, Qualcom, Boeing, Texas instruments etc
  5. Adjunct professor of Business Operations at multiple universities
  6. Two publications, one book chapter, >50 citations
  7. Reviews for three journals
  8. Made important contributions to business operations and supply chain management which are currently used by some companies.

Chemistry Post-doctoral researcher at a National lab

  1. Post-doctoral researcher at a US national lab at the time of application with higher remuneration compared to normal post-doc salaries.
  2. Prior post doctoral research experience at US university
  3. PhD from prestigious institution in India (7 years back)
  4. Over 30 journal research publications including publication in prestigious Journal Nature, several conference publications, one best poster award, and 5 invited presentations.
  5. Reviewer for two research journals with high impact factors
  6. Over 200 citations
  7. Significant contributions to the field of single-walled nano tubes
  8. Technology maturation award for research inventions

Applied mathematician in a visiting faculty position

  1. Visiting faculty at a US university at the time of application
  2. Two post-doctoral researcher positions at two universities
  3. PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (8 years back)
  4. Significant collaborative work with national institutes of weather
  5. Developed novel mathematical algorithms currently used by researchers both in industry and national institutes
  6. Twelve journal publications, several conference publications, >100 citations
  7. 6 invited presentations
  8. Chaired conference sessions

Optics Post-doctoral researcher at a National lab

  1. Post-doctoral researcher at a US national lab at the time of application with higher remuneration compared to normal post-doc salaries.
  2. Masters and PhD (3 years back) in Electrical Engineering from a well know university in the US with financial assistantships
  3. Physics Bachelors degree from a prestigious internationally renowned institute in Asia.
  4. Four publications in high impact journals, with 14 citations, six conference publications, two invited talks
  5. Reviewer for three journals
  6. Developed three novel instruments/techniques, one of them currently in use by two national laboratories
  7. Key team member and co-author on research proposals
  8. Multiple inventions, some of them are anticipated to have high impact
  9. Several invention disclosures and two patent applications in process
  10. Multiple job offers and multiple graduate research assistantship offers in the past

Researcher at NEC research

  1. PhD in Electrical Engineering from a top US University (2 years back),
  2. Two masters degrees one from US and one from a premier institute in Asia,
  3. Computer science Bachelors degree from premier institute in Asia,
  4. More than 10 publications, >60 citations, reviewer of over 8 publications in 2 journals
  5. Seven invited talks/publications
  6. One patent and one patent application
  7. Two outstanding teaching awards, silver medal for highest GPA during Bachelors

Research Engineer at UC Berkeley

  1. Undergrad from Calcutta University ( Rank 2 in India,by India Today 2013, 4 Nobel laureates )
  2. PhD from IISc Bangalore. (Top research institute, selection from top 0.01%, rank 39 in materials science QS world university rankings)
  3. 3 years work experience in UK, Marie Curie fellowship. Research Engineer at UC Berkeley at the time of petition.
  4. Research on electronic materials and device fabrication, significant to the semiconductor Industry.
  5. 25 publications, AIP and IOP.
  6. More than 125 citations.
  7. Reviewer of AIP Journals
  8. 8 recommendation letters, 5 unknowns, 4 Industry, 1 national lab, 1 UK. Recommenders were very famous people in the field, at least 5 of them.
  9. News article about research online and in magazine.
  10. More than 8 invited international conferences in Japan, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, USA.
  11. Filed both NIW and EB1A in April 2013. Nebraska center.
  12. Approved October 2013 (both)

Disclaimer: The contents in this web site are only for your information and are not intended to be legal advice. While many of our applicants successfully obtain their I-140 approvals, the information here should not be considered as a guarantee of your green card application outcome.