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Bulletin Source: Department of state Applies to: Green card applicants Detailed Bulletin: March 2009 Summary of Visa Bulletin Relevant to EB1A and NIW EB1 is current for all countries EB2 is...

Question I am a PhD holder from UK working in Biofuels and currently residing in UK. I was wondering, since my qualification is not from any university from USA, am I eligible to apply under EB2-...

Question: I am a PhD and working as a software engineer. Could you please tell me how I can formulate my documents for NIW application? Do I need recommendation letters from my manager? Answer:...

Questions: Dear friends my name is []  and I am a PhD/postdoc from Italy. I did postdoc in the USA. I would be interested in getting the green card and I found your website on the net. Can you...

Detailed Bulletin Summary of Visa Bulletin Relevant to EB1A and NIW There is significant advance in the cutoff date for Indian nationals. EB1 is current for all countries EB2 cutoff date for India...

About Us

Our mission: Guide Phd holders or Postdocs in their pursuit for a green card.

This web site grew out of experience of a few PhDs who successfully self-petitioned on their own and obtained their Green cards. Our goal is to help other PhDs prepare their own self-petition for a permanent residency through a structured, easy to do task lists, and a thorough example petition packet. Our packet will 1) guide you in collecting the right evidence, obtaining the necessary recommendation letters, 2) familiarize you with the key points to emphasize in the petition and 3) guidelines for preparing a compelling case and an effective petition.


Brief history of

9/29/2005 First I-140 petition with concurrent I-485, AP and EAD applications
10/3/2005: I-140 receipt notice
10/24/2005: I-140 approval notice
10/26/2005: EAD approved
2005-2007: Helped 5 PhDs/Postdocs obtain green cards
12/2008: Greencardforphd website launched 
2009-Today: More than 600 people have used our packets. We regularly hear from succesful and happy applicants.

You can help yourself

Once familiar with the right USCIS rules and  I-140 application approach, the  self-petition process is easily managed. 


Disclaimer: The contents in this web site are only for your information and are not intended to be legal advice. While many of our applicants successfully obtain their I-140 approvals, the information here should not be considered as a guarantee of your green card application outcome.