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Applied for EB1A. Should I apply for J1 or H1B?


A quick question regarding my present situation. I did apply for EB1A (green card) about 3.5 months ago which is currently under review. Now I’ve been working as a Post Doc and my extended OPT is ending on 14th January. So, I wanted to apply for J1 in the mean time but our university international center is advising us that if I submit it now, then J1 would be denied because that’s a non-immigration visa. But my understanding is that J1 takes about suppose 2 months to process and by then I probably will get the green card… Continue reading

Pending I-140 travel on F1 or Advanced parole

Question:  I got my OPT 17 months extension in May 2013, and last month I applied for I-140 (NIW).  I’m planning to visit my country in near future, so I think it would be better to have H1 rather than  F1-OPT. I have following questions:
Q1: during the processing time of I-140, can I apply for H1 (academic by the University)?
Yes you can apply for a H1B, since the visa holder can posses immigration intent. However, you may not be able to extend an F1 or apply for a J1.
Q2: After obtaining H1 if I140… Continue reading

Impact of I-140 rejection on my husband’s H1 visa status


I plan to apply for a I-140 first and then I-485. My husband is on OPT now, and will be applying for H1 in April. If my I-140 is rejected, will this affect his visa status?

Thank you for your advice.


The short answer is no. It won’t affect his H1.

But there is one avoidable scenario that can be a problem. Before the I-140 is rejected, if you happen to start using EAD’s from I-485 application, then the rejection will result in both of you becoming out of status. Since you don’t intend to apply for I-485… Continue reading