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Purchased EB1A-DIY in 2016. Need to buy again (June 2021)?

Hey GC4PhD team, purchased your EB1A-DIY package in 2016, have the application ready to submit, would you recommend purchasing your more recent package (as of June 2021)?

Would a practical alternative be to pay for your guys to review the packet? (you know what’s changed over the years)

Not trying to throw money at this problem, but need to know if anything material has changed and whether my application would be disadvantaged / invalid.

Appreciate the work you do and opportunity you provide us all, cheers.

PS. Australian PhD application for EB1A in nanotechnology

Assistant Scientist


I just got my EB1B I-140 approved by the University of Florida with the current priority date. I need to do the I485 as soon as possible. My university is ready to give Supplement J. I want to use you DIY packet and want to know how much will cost for me and also I will go for the review of my all forms with two other applications same time.

Thank you



I am working as a Sr Manager at top USA semiconductor company(USD 70 billion in revenue). I am leading the development of key new product of company which will help it grow in future. These products have noticed shortages in 2020-21 in market and very important for next generation computing needs. Earlier I have performed leadership role in key USA organization. I also participated in Industry standard working groups to ratify next generation protocol specifications such as USB, DisplayPort and my name is listed as contributors to those specifications. These technologies are used in billions of devices and I am… Continue reading