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Dhruba Chowdhury

Chances of getting an EB1A approval


I am a postdoctoral researcher working in a national laboratory, and I want to apply for an EB1A visa.

Here are my details:

  1. 15 published papers (9 journals) among which I am the lead author in 14 of them
  2. 41 papers reviewed for high impact journals
  3. Currently, I have 94 citations with minimal self-citation
  4. I have won the outstanding researcher award during my PhD

I wanted to know my chances of getting approved if I apply for the EB1A visa.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

How will j2 visa impact j1’s GC process

Hi there, thank you for providing such insightful information. I have a question which I need some advice on. My husband is on a j1 visa and i have a j2. However, I am not in the US yet as I would like to finish up some work I have in my current residential country and join him in one month time. He is probably going to apply for GC soon (he has been there for 2 months). My arrival period will coincide with his application for I-400, will that affect his GC process? Can he apply for I-400 since… Continue reading

senior research engineer

I would like to request an evaluation of my profile EB1A/EB1B green card.

I am working as a senior research engineer at a top semiconductor company

Authored 3 journal articles and 2 conference papers with 50 citations in total

I am a technical editor for a journal based in Iran and also member of the editorial board of two journals (One Springer and the other SAGE) with impact factors 1.5 and 1.7 respectively.

I have peer reviewed 10 manuscripts for several journals.