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Dear sirs,

I’m a researcher from Lebanon, in the field of arts. I earned a Ph.D. in art sciences from the official Lebanese university with the highest grade available. I published a large study in a scientific journal about a year ago and I’d been nominated for a scholarship to pursue my Ph.D. studies in Italy, being the first student in my major in both bachelor’s and master’s periods. also, I’d been chosen based on my academic excellence to represent my university in the international theatre festival of Sharjah, for being the top theatre student for the year 2014. based on these and other achievements, and based on a future project that I’m willing to work on, that can benefit the national interest of the US, I’m considering the EB1 or EB2 visa categories. also, I’m planning to hire someone who can really assess my qualification for this visa and help me to apply for it.

thank you for your attention,


Georges Mattar.

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