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Dear Sir, 

My name is Vish, Currently working in one of the consulting company in US with the H1-B Visa. After i have got my H1-B completed my masters from India and currently pursuing my Ph.D in Internet of things and will be expected to complete my PHD in next year end. 

As i am doing my research in Ph.D. Am i eligible to get process my Green card with the Ph.D Qualification?  

Please let me know and help me here and let us know if you require any other information. 




H1B extension and I-140 petition


I purchased your help packet last year or so and have been waiting to submit my I140 petition. I am almost ready to submit my petition although now I am waiting my H1B extension approval that was submitted in June this year.. Its obviously taking a long time to get the approval notice. I was wondering whether I can submit my I-140 with the latest H1B approval notice together with the new H1B extension receipt notice that is under review as my current immigration status. I have not changed employers and will be working for the same employer.… Continue reading



I have already applied for Asylum (i-589) and my case is pending, I got a job offer as a post-doc and my employer is willing to sponsor the H1B visa. Can I apply for the H1B visa in the same time my application for asylum is pending? Thanks