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Do you have any success stories of artists/musicians that got the EB1a thru your packages?


Do you have any success stories of artists/musicians that got the EB1a thru your packages?


Unfortunately we do not have any experience directly helping an artist/musician. Our package is mostly geared towards applicants in the STEM fields and not for artists or musicians. However the general approach outlined in the package could be used. You would pool all the evidence (your art works, count the followers on various social media, get recommendations from other well know artists) and then try to apply on your own. 
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A request for information: PhD candidate in Media


I’m originally from India, and I’m a PhD candidate in journalism, with more than one advanced degree (I’ve got three Master’s Degrees) and now am pursuing a PhD. I have pursued more than one field. I am published in the popular media, and have one academic publication to my name, and several conference presentations. I have received at least two international prizes (a grant from the Pulitzer Center and another from the South Asian Journalism Association). I’ve also worked full time. 

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Do I need to do a PostDoc to apply for a green crad?


I am PhD student and is graduating this fall. I am interested in applying for green card. I will be teaching as a full time faculty for spring semester (only one semester). I wonder if I need to work as a postdoc to get approval for the green card?

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You do not need to be postdoc in order to apply for the green card. However just having a PhD does not mean a guaranteed success. USCIS expect that you satisfy either the eb1a or niw requirements for the green card. Please… Continue reading