EB2-NIW and EB1A green card questions

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Strength of my EB1a/NIW case. Currently on H4 visa.

Hello team, 

 I am writing this to get some clarification about the strength of my case to apply for the green card through EB1A/ EB2-NIW. Here is the detail of my case for your reference.
I did my Ph.D in marketing in 2016 from India and currently I am in USA on H4 visa. I have 6 publications but in all the publications I am the second author. Out of the six publications only 1 is in internationally approved journal. I got one national award for clearing the NET( junior research fellowship) exam and during my Ph.D. I receive monthly… Continue reading

Nepali Citizen planning to apply for a Green Card


Dear Sir/madam,

I am Nepali citizenship holder, phd holder from greece, I am wishing to apply for green card in the USA, how would you suggest further?
If you are born in Nepal, then both the priority dates for EB1a and NIW categories are current as of now. Depending on the evidence that you can pool, you can aply either in EB1a or NIW. We suggest the following: 
1. Read the EB1a and NIW requirements and make a list of criteria that you meet. You can send a CV to us for… Continue reading

Request for the Molecular biology material package


I have recently purchased the NIW DIY package form your company. My receipt number is Receipt number: 8HV53159W8764253S.
May i please request you provide me the recent example of NIW (molecular biology) from India.The example i got in my package is from Optics and space engineering which is unrelated to my petition. It is difficult for me to understand the optics language and convert it into my molecular biology field as i have to write the recommendation letters also. Therefore i need package from biology field.
Please help me with my problem.
Thank you very much for… Continue reading