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Should i reapply for J2 work permit while waiting for my husbands waiver?


My husband and I are currently living here in USVI. My husband is under J1 visa and i am in J2 visa. The employer of my husband will be working on their waiver since our visa will be expiring this July 2017. As for me, i am currently working and my work permit would be expiring this March 2017. My question is, should I reapply for my work permit or should I wait for the approval of my husbands waiver first? Because i’m thinking if i apply i might get denied if USCIS would see that my visa is… Continue reading

Research Scientist


I recently applied GC under EB1A category. I am a Ph.D. with 18 publications (9 1st authored with 980 citations). USCIS accepted 2 criteria but asked more evidence for major contributions. Also mentioned “1000 of publications clause’.

I recently submitted my response to RFE with 5 additional letters from professors mentioning that they have used my work in their research. My citations have also gone up to 1019. Unfortunately, in the cover letter, instead of mentioning the total number of citation as 1019, I misprinted it as 1091.

  1. Will this have an adverse effect on my application?

2. Can my application be… Continue reading

My chances in obtaining EB 1

I am from India and my credentials are in the following :

  1. MS and PhD from USA
  2. Have 4 first author and 2-second author publications in top journals in my field; 2 more to come
  3. Have collaborations internationally
  4. Reviewed 5 articles in top journals
  5. Presented at conferences (in the USA and abroad) 15 times
  6. 3+ years of postdoctoral experience in a top school and as a federal contractor at NOAA/NASA
  7. Since all my publications are recent (2014 onwards) and the size of the community is small, so far I have only 9 citations (these citations are from different countries). (This… Continue reading